3 Effortless Hacks every CenturyLink User Should Use To Fix DSL Line Status Poor In Under A Minute!

In today’s fast-paced world provision of high-speed internet has become a necessity rather than a luxury. So if you are facing a DSL status line poor issue then it will be a nuisance for you

To meet the growing demands for digital excellence, CenturyLink, an American based global fibre-networking service provider, among its various reliable services has introduced residential high-speed internet.

This service allows its consumers to connect their phones, smart TV and other smart devices to their high-speed home internet.

Access to high-speed internet over a wide range of areas has become a novelty feature of the server, but for the past couple of years users have reported hindrances in the connection and how CenturyLink DSL line poor status is causing them trouble.

In this day and age of technology one simply cannot break away from global networking and still expect to function in society. Be it work or entertainment, the internet is continuously required in our everyday lives.

With a trustworthy ISP network like CenturyLink interference in the connection were alarming and quite shocking to its subscribers.

To swiftly resolve the disruptions we put together a list of these three simple ways to get your internet back on track.

DSL Line Status Poor – Here Are 3 Simple Ways To Get Your Internet Back In Under A Minute!

Disruptions in your internet connection can have multiple reasons. Maybe your routers placed in the wrong area or the walls are too thick or bad rainy weather is the real villain in disguise. In situations like these, there could be more than one cause of the disturbance.

Whatever the reason may be, these 3 quick fixes can be the solution to your problems

1. Check Your Line Status

The first step in any sort of internet disconnection is to monitor your line status. If you are using ADSL+2 or lower you can avail of high-speed connectivity only if the line is stable enough. If however, the CenturyLink line is not stable you are doomed for frequent disconnection and you might wanna consider a more stable Gigabit Internet service.

But another way to resolve this case is to check the SNR Magin value of your line. This can be done through:

• Obtaining your router’s page information.
All this information is given on the back of the router.

• A low SNR value such as 6 or 7 might be the reason your Internet’s breaking up.

2. Wonders Of Resetting The Router

As simple as it seems to reset your router can bring back all the factory settings to default and can clear up all the glitches and errors.  Although this is not a permanent solution as frequently resetting your router may cause you problems in the future. The steps to do so are as follows:

• Usually the reset button on routers are located at the back and you might have to use a pencil or pen or a thin stick to access it.

• Press and hold the reset button for a maximum of 20 seconds and voilà, your router has been reset.

3. Contact Costumer Support Team

When you’ve done everything, but to no avail, Contact customer support service. You will have to tell them all the details of all the issues you have been facing and they will guide you accordingly.

They will tell you if it’s an issue from your side for example they might ask you to check your internet speed, make sure all the wires are plugged in right, the devices are up-to-date or it could be an issue coming in from the server itself. They might come over and check your modem and cables altogether.

Whatever the issue may be, the support team will surely provide assistance and restore the internet connection as soon as possible.

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